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Cyber Node operates a privately owned datacentre site in Newport, Cardiff UK. The secure facility is equipped with Tier III+ security , Diverse network linking all sites, High security and “5 nines” peace of mind.

The data centre is accredited to meet the most rigours standards, including ISO 9001 ISO 14001 and ISO 2701. We can accommodate racks up to 30kW to meet the needs of modern high density computing.

Our complete connectivity and co-location solutions simplify deployments and reduce costs. If you cannot find what you are looking for or have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

1U Colocation

0.5 Amps


Per Month

  • Bandwidth - 5000 GB Per Month
  • Port Speed - 1 GB
  • Remote Reboot Port - Yes
  • Dedicated KVM - Yes
  • IP Addresses - 2 Free
  • Remote Hands - 15 Minutes

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2U Colocation

1 Amp


Per Month

  • Bandwidth - 5000 GB Per Month
  • Port Speed - 1 GB
  • Remote Reboot Port - Yes
  • Dedicated KVM - Yes
  • IP Addresses - 4 Free
  • Remote Hands - 15 Minutes

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4U Colocation

2 Amps


Per Month

  • Bandwidth - 5000 GB Per Month
  • Port Speed - 1 GB
  • Remote Reboot Port - Yes
  • Dedicated KVM - Yes
  • IP Addresses - 5 Free
  • Remote Hands - 15 Minutes

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KVM Access

KVM allows you manage the server just as if you were in front of it giving easy access!

Same Day Setup

We will setup your server on the same day it is received providing it is before 4pm.


Whatever the time day or night we have you covered with our 24/7 support via support ticket.

Fast Network

Each Server is connected to our superfast network, Based within the United Kingdom.

Datacentre Specifications

180 MVA of power available

Dedicated primary substation

Highly reliable N+N infrastructure

Dual power feeds provided to each rack

Bulk fuel storage 20,000Litres with priority refueling contract

Redundant UPS systems to support seamless transition to generators

Redundant diesel generators, including 2000 Litre day tank, supported by bulk fuel tanks

In house, on site 24x7 security force

Coded card required to access data halls

4 metre high military grade perimeter fence

Racks locked with unique keys & combinations

Single point of entry with high security, manned gate

2 factor authentication required to gain access to site

3 tonne boulders & anti ram bollards protect the building

CCTV on all doors, plant rooms, data halls and common and external areas

Moisture and leak detection & monitoring employed

Environment maintained at 24C +- 4C & 50% RH +- 20%

IG55 gaseous fire suppression systems used throughout

Redundant HVAC systems for all data halls, N+20% resilience

VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) employed in all areas, including floor & ceiling voids

Multiple Tier1 Transits & peering

National spread of data centres on net

Fully diverse links from the Data centre to the Internet

Highly reliable bandwidth between data centres available

Dual 1000Mb network feeds provided to each rack as standard

Redundant Fibre from Level 3 and Geo networks to London, Manchester and Cardiff

Benefits of Colocating With Us

Owned Data Center

We have our own onsite data center and own all of our own equipment. This ensures that we are able to proactively manage and protect our infrastructure instead of relying on a third party provider.

Engineers Onsite 24/7

We have onsite technical engineers 24 hours a day, every day of the year. If a problem occurs, you can rest assured that we have a team of experts available to respond immediately, no matter what day or time it is.

In-house Support Center

Whenever you contact us, you can be assured that you are talking to a member of our team. By having a dedicated support center, we are able to quickly resolve any issues you may encounter.

Our Network / Datacentre

The heart of our business.


NGD’s 180MW ultimate capacity - more than enough to power a city - would be nothing without continuity of supply. 97% of UK power faults occur in the distribution network, so we are directly connected to the Super Grid via our own diverse links and circuit breakers. No other UK Data Centre is. And with ever higher compute densities, many UK data centres are currently, or ultimately power limited.


All NGD’s power comes from renewable sources. Our power is cheaper, cleaner and more reliable. Being Tier 3+, we have comprehensive UPS, backup generation and fully redundant power distribution from the Super Grid to each Data Hall. We can concurrently maintain all elements of plant. To date, we’ve not encountered a power specification we could not deliver.


NGD deploys a 6-layer wall design and general construction to Californian earthquake resistance standards. Front aspects are protected by 10-ton granite blocks. The campus perimeter is ringed with military grade fencing, digital tripwires and multiple IR CCTV towers with diverse power and connectivity feeds. Traffic management systems control entrance and exit supported by double airlock gates. Security teams continuously patrol the campus. The choice of location is non-urban with low crime rates.

NGD’s extreme physical security is matched by its site procedures, staff screening and each customer’s individual threat appraisals. Biometrics, interlocks, tube stars and CCTV, covert if required, are consistent with published UK government standards. Simply put, our world class customers would not have committed to NGD without the most exacting world class security standards.


Carriers and communications providers can easily justify connecting to NGD. Thousands of individual fibres have been installed through multiple entry points into an expanding array of meet me rooms. This means NGD is truly carrier agnostic, with full representation from the leading UK carriers. Off campus, fully diverse routing follows both River Severn crossings, the Severn tunnel and other routes. Internationally, NGD is on-net with specialist providers including direct linkage to transatlantic landing stations.

NGD houses a BT Wholesale Optical node (part of BT’s 21CN next-generation infrastructure) offering 10GE, nx10GE, 40GE and 100GE point-to-point connectivity. Cloud Connect also facilitates direct access into leading public Cloud providers including Microsoft ExpressRoute.

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