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Website Security & Data Protection

SSL certificates protect the transmission of user sensitive information and give consumers more confidence when purchasing from an online vendor

Shop SSL Certificates

These encryption-only certificates are popular because of how fast and simple they are to get. All you have to do is prove you own the domain you wish to secure in order to get a DV certificate issued. This process usually takes just a few minutes to complete. You'll get industry standard encryption and trust indicators like HTTPS and the padlock icon. Internal testing domains, blogs, and basic template sites are good candidates for DV certificates, since they offer full encryption but just basic trust indicators.

OV certificates are the "better" in the "good, better, best" model for SSL/TLS certificates. These certificates validate that a domain belongs to a registered business before being issued, and this process typically takes between 1-3 days to complete. The added benefit of an OV certificate is a dynamic site seal, which when clicked on, displays validated company information to a visitor, along with HTTPS and the padlock icon. These certs also offer 128- to 256-bit encryption and are perfect for registered businesses who can't quite find room in their budgets for EV yet.

Extended Validation (EV) certificates are the most premium SSL solutions available. These are the only SSL certificates that can truly be viewed at as an investment, given their ROI potential. The main feature of EV certificates is the green address bar, the most universally trusted symbol across the web. Websites equipped with the green address bar – like Apple, PayPal, and Twitter – are instantly recognized as legitimate websites that can be trusted with personal information. The validation process typically takes a little more time with these certificates, around 1-5 business days, but if you have a registered business, we’ll help make sure you can get one!

These certificates do just as their name suggests – cover multiple domains with just a single solution. One Multi-Domain SSL certificate can cover up to 250 total domains, depending on the brand of certificate. Multi-Domain certificates are an extremely convenient option for businesses that own a lot of different TLD extensions and want to cover them all with full 128- to 256-bit encryption without having to purchase and install separate SSLs for each one. Since these certificates are available in EV, OV, and DV options, you’re sure to find a Multi-Domain certificate that suits your needs.

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